• Hill Foodservice Consulting specializes in hospitality business and entrepreneurship training and licensing. The company’s primary focus is to provide educational solutions that promote career growth and entrepreneurial opportunities through intensive management training and professional industry credentialing. We also offer operational consulting to improve efficiency in ordering, labor utilization and increased profitability.
  • The goal of the company is to “provide individuals and businesses with hospitality training solutions that make learning to make money and manage your business both successful and fun. If you don’t like school, then HFC is for you. “We do not teach classes, we conduct business meetings.”
  • Hill Foodservice Consulting also conducts operational evaluations to improve efficiency and cost containment for hospitals, nursing homes, schools and small food related businesses.
  • All training seminars yield professional industry certification credentials and are accredited and sanctioned by several agencies such as the City of Chicago, the State of Illinois, American Hotel and Lodging Association Educational Institute, National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, American Red Cross, United States Association of Small Business Education and the National Retail Federation. HFC’s staff and associates are all licensed instructors under several of these agencies.
  • Hill Foodservice Consulting will come to your facility to conduct seminars or provide facilities per client request.
  • Motivational Speaking – Dr. Hill has spoken all over the country to high school, college and adult learners. His speaking motivates, inspires and changes the context of learning to encourage all learners to reach for new heights. With credo such as “There is no such thing as school, it is a business. Your book bag is a brief case, and you have a job. That job is to gain as much information during your business meetings as you possibly can in order to have the life that you desire and deserve. How bad do you want it.” Headlines Dr. Hill’s approach of inspiration, motivation, professional industry certification to allow HFC scholars to make a tremendous impact in life and reach their career destination.
  • Professionalism Training Seminars, “the art of access to today’s business industry.”